IRM – Order 4 (CD, Cold Meat Industry)


Fourth release of Swedish Power Electronics / Noise / Ambient project IRM on CMI. Four tracks, each 15 minutes long, giving up any kind of „pop music“ structure. Highly intense, with a lot of breaks and turns but always „flowing“. It’s a trip into personal madness of vocalist Martin Bladh. You can follow his way to hell by reading the lyrics printed in the booklet, while listening to the disturbing sounds created by Erik Jarl and new bassist Mikael Oretoft.
IRM lyrically and musically dissecting their lives and life in general. „Order4“ is a play with different actors fulfilling their roles. It’s full of cruelty, self hate and annihilation. It’s arhythmic, without meldody or even bigger structures. It’s sometimes quite sadness sometines explosive rage. It’s a tumbling through emotions, so honest, that many people won’t stand it. In that scene where everybody puts his efforts into acting as cool and strong, IRM stands for weakness and despair, thus touching me deeply. And I hope you too!


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