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Wir unterstützen die folgenden Partys / Veranstalter:
We support the following partys / organizers:

Morphonic Lab Dresdenmorphoniclab.de

Tower Transmission Dresden / Dublin

Wroclaw Industrial Festivalindustrialart.eu/en

Elektroanschlag Altenburgelektroanschlag.de

Arkham Productions Pragarkham.hys.cz

Schlagstrom Berlinschlagstrom.de

Raubbau Berlinraubbau.org/

NK Berlinnkprojekt.de

Epicurian Escapismtransformed.de/epicureanescapism.html

Hradby Samoty Brnohradbysamoty.org

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  1. Hi team of Club Debil,

    I am a Dutch visual artist and vocalist, and i write you as I will be on tour, looking for performance possibility on 12 or 13 October. As I will be around Dresden, I had to think about your space. Would you be interested to host my work? I would present my acoustic voice performance. See below this email more info.

    Let me know what you think, I hope you find my proposition interesting!
    Also if it is too short term, don’t hesitate to consider my work for future programming!

    Best greetings,
    Janneke van der Putten

    *Janneke van der Putten* (NL) – Solo Acoustic Voice
    Janneke van der Putten is a Dutch performer and visual artist. Employing techniques learned during years of training, she uses her voice as an instrument in order to explore different environments physically, sonically and intuitively. Her work moves away from the usual modern parameters of amplification and synthesis, focusing instead on the space’s and body’s resonance in the here and now. http://jannekevanderputten.nl/work/jnnk/

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