Hier könnt Ihr gern Euren Senf hinterlassen, zu allen beliebigen Themen. Selbstverständlich behalte ich mir vor, Beleidigendes, Rassistisches oder sonstwie unangenehm Debiles zu entfernen.

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  1. Hello Club Debil.

    Im a Danish musician combining the piano with live electronics. Im going on tour around Germany in May and Im looking for places in Dresden to play.

    My project is called Ghost Flute & Dice and combines glitchy cut-up effects with odd time-meters and strange tonalities. A dense yet fragile kind of music.

    The venue doesn´t need to have a piano since Im bringing my fabulous Electric babygrand with me on tour.

    If you are interested I would be able to play in Dresden between 2nd and 6th of May.

    All the best,

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