Pyre-Sampler, Rusalka / MK9, Godlesstate, Coil, Zos Kia / Coil, White Hospital, 23 Drifts To Guestling, Contemplatron

Wie immer ist nicht alles die letzte Zeit gekommen, manche Tonträger sind schon etwas länger im Haus aber leider komme ich nicht immer so schnell dazu, mir alles anzuhören…

PYRE A Cold Spring Sampler

V.A. – PYRE A Cold Spring Sampler (CD, Cold Spring)

Varied Label Sampler with a wide range of styles from Dark Ambient via Guitar Noise and Electronic Pop to Power Electronics. One of the strangest pieces comes from Penny Rimbauds L’Academie Des Vanités, some kind of theatralic Cabaret Jazz Punk song.

Rusalka / MK9

Rusalka / MK9 – Seperate Anxieties (CD-R, Neural Operations)

Tour CD-R of the Canadian Noise project Rusalka and US Power Electronics veteran MK9. The latter one becomes more and more a sound sculpturer, using very raw field recordings / voice samples. Rusalka creates an „meditative“ but impulsing Harsh Noise, with a lot of screaming sounds.


Godlesstate – Godlesstate (CD, Hagshadow)

Follow-Up project of Sixth Comm’s, first album of Godlesstate. Patrick Leagas serves a not easy to digest mix of Ritual music, Industrial, avantgardistic Electronica and some Ethnic influences. I guess, this piece of work will grow over time. ‎


Coil – The Ape Of Naples (CD, Important Records)

Re-issue of this long-time delayed ands searched for album. One of best Coil records in my eyes and ears, bringing together melancholic Pop musick and crazy Electronics. „The Last Amehyst Deceiver“ is one of my favorite songs ever.

Zos Kia / Coil

Zos Kia / Coil – Transparent (CD, Cold Spring)

Re-release of this epic early album of Coil and it’s precurser Zos Kia and additionally pre-Zos Kia project AKE, so far unreleased. The CD contains Old School Industrial live pieces from Zos Kia, including the bloodcurdling „Violation“. Zos Kia Coil is a bit more abstract, ambient and noisy (guitar drones), but last song, „On Balance“, reminds me of Can. AKE is really harsh performance art, „Rape“ close to „Violation“.

White Hospital

White Hospital ‎– Holocaust (CD, Steinklang Records)

Re-release of this 1984 album of Jun Konagaya (GRIM) und Tomo Kuwahara (Vasilisk). The one and only album of this project. Nearly every song is different, from very harsh sounds in the style of Dissecting Table to Ethno, Punk, Folk, (Synthetic) Classical music, Rhythmic Industrial, Rock… Of cause, the typical Japanese screaming takes a central role.

23 Drifts To Guestling

V.A. – 23 Drifts To Guestling (CD, Iham Products)

Really strange compilation of historic Industrial snippets with a lot of Genesis P. Orridge stuff and from other rather unknown geniuses. Mostly non-music complied by David Tibet. A horror for all audiophiles 🙂


Contemplatron ‎– Delog (CD, Wrotycz Records)

Fine mixture of Ambient and Ritual music. Dark Drones meet some drumming and atmospheric samples. Great artwork.

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