Haus Arafna – You (LP/CD, Galakthorroe)

Haus Arafna

Germanys most prominent Industrial project [Haus Arafna] (besides Genocide Organ) is back again with a new album. The couple went on the way they were turning to with the 3rd work, „Butterfly“. Besides power and aggression, there is melancholy, sadness, sorrow but a little bit of hope tool. And this emotional change has left it’s trace in the sound as well. You still hear the typical elements of what [Haus Arafna} is created from, but the structures of some of the songs turn more and more into pop. Or to point it out: [Haus Arafna] and November Növelet get closer and closer. Maybe some day they will be one.
There were a lot of discussions in the internet, if this is a good album or not, surprising or boring, whatever. Like the latest Blood Axis-release I had big expectations. And I was a little confused when I heard the first song of „YOU“ for the first time: „Pain To Love“ is one of the strangest songs [Haus Arafna] ever made and in my ears its not one of their best. But it’s catchy despite it’s – sorry to say so – not so perfect singing. But on the other hand that’s courageous by one of the hardest bands before (listen to „Sex U Mas“ and you know what I mean) to show themself that naked. Same to say about „Lucifer“…
Like on „Butterfly“ the songs are different – some tend, as already statet – to November Növeletic tunes other have the „old“ [Haus Arafna]-style, like my favourite „You“. In that song there’s everything I loved and still love the band for: power, aggression, rage, despair. This really makes me going crazy. Other highlights are the haunting sample at the end of „Alive Trough Pain“ and the very intense „Independent“. Other people like other songs more, like the driving „Colony Collapse“ or the trippy „Judas Kiss“, but, what’s the problem…?
„YOU“ is yet another fine album, very emotional, haunting, diversified and it’s still [Haus Arafna]. By the way that means, it takes time to discover this music. One of the albums you can listen to time by time by time…
Needless to say, that „YOU“ comes in a great outfit, as CD and much more as LP, in perfect quality, with an interesting artwork and all the lyrics. What else more one can you expect? [Haus Arafna] go on developing and it’s fine to share the outcome of that process…


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