-Scape: Open Call for sound artits

MATTERS is announcing a call out for sound artists / noisers / experimental sound practitioners / sound collectors / industrial (de)composers / chaos engineers / others that see themselves as part of industrial (culture / aesthetic), to propose works for a compilation named -SCAPE, which at present is planned as an online album to be published on MATTERS Bandcamp account.

Given the pandemic, MATTERS has been restructuring and rescheduling its yearly plan in order to support the creators for which this period resulted in even more precarity than that which they were experiencing up until now. So we’re inviting you to tell us (in plural as we’ll be three to read the proposals) what kind of (sound) work you’d like to produce. Tell us how your life sounds at the moment, what’s humming in your head, what’s breaking those monitors or what’s causing your tinnitus. We’ll select four participants we’ll call to produce the work, each of whom will be awarded with 250 Euros.

We might consider already produced soundworks, however, we would be interested to experiment with the way narratives become sounds, hence we ask you to tell us about what you’d like to produce first.

Here’s the application form we’re asking you to fill in: https://forms.gle/ny4B1oqaZbURUe677

Therein we’ll ask you to write about the piece you want to work on – what are the tools, what’s it about; we’ll also ask how the previous 3 months changed the outlook of your creative plans, and what’s your upcoming 3 months looking like. We’re going to ask for links to your previous work.

If for whatever reason you have no possibility to fill in the application form, please drop us a (short) line on MATTERS FB or via email (matters(a)kaunas2022(.)eu) to discuss – we are ready to accept your proposals in the form of video or audio too.

We’re looking for 4 previously unpublished sound-works / aural (non-verbal) narratives. -SCAPE was chosen as a fragment of the widely used term ’soundscape‘, mostly due to its (vivid) etymology. Stemming (!) from Latin scapus, -i (pl.) which might have the meanings of stem (in botany), stile, beam, shaft and others.

Deadline for the submissions is 24th June, results will be announced by the 8th July. After announcement, selected artists will have one month time to produce and finalize the track confirmed, the awards will be paid out upon the delivery of the track.

If in need for more information, please drop us a line at matters(a)kaunas2022(.)eu

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