Tonträgereingang November / Dezember 2016

Frozen Faces

Frozen Faces ‎– Broken Sounds Of A Dying Culture (CD, Wrotycz Records)

Spartanic side-prject of Deutsch Nepal. Same hypnotic beats, but very minimal and raw. Re-issue of a 1996 released Tape.

Deutsch Nepal

Deutsch Nepal ‎– Alcohology (CD, Entartete Musik)

Actual master-piece of Deutsch Nepal, dealing with Lina’s addition. Dark, desperate, powerful. I love the cover version of „Ich steh im Regen“!

Rasalasad featuring Von Magnet and Wildshores

Rasalasad featuring Von Magnet and Wildshores – Magnethism (3’’CD, Thisco)

17min trippy Ambient piece with adjuratory voices

Rasalasad vs Amantra

Rasalasad vs Amantra – Thisturbia (3’’CD, Thisco)

Ambient meets Post Rock and Electronica. 4 Titles on a small CD.

Genetic Transmission

Genetic Transmission – Genetic Transmission (CD, Zoharum)

Re-release of 1997 debut tape of this Polish experimental act. Incredibly complex album with metallic rhythm structures and haunting atmospheres Great Industrial Bruitism.

Genetic Transmission

Genetic Transmission – Chrząszcz brzmi w trzcinie (CD, Zoharum)

Re-release of second album of Genetic Transmission. Great experimental sound – mostly processed recordings / Music concrete.

Celer & Dirk Serries

Celer & Dirk Serries – Background Curtain (CD, Zoharum)

Two long collaborative tracks of Dirk Serries (Fear Falls Burning, Vidna Obmana) and Will Long (Celer). Nice but not very spectacular organic ambient. Music to relax by. The cover foto looks like a stretched version of the Prebisch gate in Bohemian Switzerland.

Bought me this wonderful box, but didn’t open it yet…

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