Tonträgereingang KW1/2 2017

Ein bisschen geschwindelt ist die Angabe der KW 1/2 ja schon, eigentlich bin ich einfach nur nicht früher dazu gekommen, etwas zu schreiben. Gerade bei Platten kann es immer etwas dauern, denn die kann man nun eher schlecht nebenher hören…

Agnes Obel

Agnes Obel – Citizen Of Glass (CD, Play It Again Sam)

Agnes Obel is a Danish singer and this is her third album. Years before I would have called this Heavenly Voices, but the classic pop is romantic and atmospheric but not etherial. Really emotional music with the feet on the ground and the head in the clouds.

Roman Leykam

Roman Leykam – The Eternal Circle (CD, Frank Mark Arts)

A bit strange music made from electric guitar and synths. Somewhere between Electronica, Jazz and World music. Not bad, but it’s stressing me and I miss a bit the flow.

Theologian / Ancient Methods

Theologian / Ancient Methods ‎– La Saignée (Vinyl, 12″ / Repress, Metaphysik)

Wonderful mamoured, colored Vinyl. One long Magic Ambient piece centered around procesed Cello sounds by Theologican. Two distorted Techno pieces, the scares one with a lot of „lyrics“, the other some „Stampf“, both by Ancient Methods. ‎

Alone In The Hollow Garden

Alone In The Hollow Garden ‎– A.I.T.H.G. presents TEMPLE OF CLEAR LIGHT (MC, Red Cavity Records)

Two half hour pieces of Drone Ambient. #1 is a very slowly piece while #2 is a real magic burner. The only thing I don’t understand is the construction „A.I.T.H.G. presents TEMPLE OF CLEAR LIGHT“…


Holotrop – Rites Of Natema (Box: LP + MC + Sticker, Qualia)

The „regular“ release (the vinyl) brings four ca. 10 min piecesof Deep Droning and breathing noises, combined with some „atavist“ instruments like bells.
The tape is more interesting to me, with two tracks with hypnotic beats like clocks, Didgeridoo and a more light Ambient. This tracks are not included in the bandcamp download 🙁


toy.bizarre / Emerge ‎– Split (LP, Attenuation Circuit)

Both artist use Drone Ambient in a combination with noisy, scratchy sound sources. They produce a varied experimental sound mix of musical and non musical elements. Emerge is a bit more harsh than toy.bizarre. There is some extra material as download, Emerge’s „Exurbia“, a half-hour live recording. Very reduced sound-art, very dark.

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