Isolation tape sampler

Call for entries… 2nd club|debil sampler

It’s been about five years now, that we released our first tape sampler. Time to create a new one. A 90 min tape sampler, probabaly released in the darkest days of November this year.

Our topic fits well: ISOLATION.

Isolation seems to be one of the central feelings in our time. It’s the sick brother of individualism. In a time when all ideals are corrupted.

We search for electronic and experimental music dealing with isolation.

As club|debil is an small, independent project, we have little to offer. We produce around 100 tapes, every artist gets two for free. The rest is sold for a small price. This covers our costs, no profit is made.

As your contribution we expect a track with a maximum length of 8 min. And it would be nice, if it was some kind of exclusive. As stated above, we plan to produce a 90 minutes tape, so we’ll have space for ca. 10 to 15 tracks. If we get more, we have to make a choise. Sorry in advance…

Please send your mixed wave file to our address till end of August 2021 – please don’t use social networks for contact! Do not forget to add the name of the project and the title of the track. We would also be happy about a few thoughts about isolation and a picture for our project presentation.

To avoid trouble with with overflowing email inboxes, please use services like Thank you very much!

Here is some inspiration from our friend Death Squad/MK9!

For the release we already created an online event, hopefully, we can do some live show!

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