20.10.2018: Stigmatic Destruction Collective & Ale Hop @ club|debil Dresden

Stigmatic Destruction Collective & Ale Hop

Samstag 20. Oktober, 21 Uhr
Alte Feuerwache Loschwitz


  • Stigmatic Destruction (Musique concréte with DIY instruments)
  • ROVAR17 & SYPORCA WHANDAL feat. ZOPÁN NAGY (Experimetal noise with body art performance)
  • MaN (Special dj set & visual)


Ale Hop crafts complex pop arrangements with an experimental noise edge, utilizing electronic effects and computer software in order to mutate and reshape her electric guitar and voice. She will be performing material from her new album BODILESS, a work that goes through electronic experimentation, noise, tracing a bridge towards electronic pop, in a personal way that does not admit classifications.

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