12.02.2016: Fake Mistress / Praying For Oblivion

club|debil presents Friday Noise
Fake Misstress, Praying for Oblivion

FAKE Mistress & Praying For Oblivion
Freitag 12. Februar 2016, 21 Uhr
Alte Feuerwache Loschwitz

Eintritt: 5 / 6€

Praying For Oblivion

Hyperactive Power-Electronics/Dark-Industrial recording and live performance unit from Buffalo, NY, formed by Andrew Seal in 1997. Now based in Europe.

Website +++ Praying For Oblivion on Facebook

Fake Mistress

Olivia Pils/FAKE mistress is a crossover artist from Berlin

She’s a a singer and music producer, does illustrations and installations with music, light and objects of daily life to reach the sensations that are pre-verbal and pre-intellectual.

In june 2015 the music-performance-play TÖDLICHE FRAUEN was produced, based on my seven musical portraits of women murderers and illustrations.

Website +++ FAKE mistress on Facebook

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