Promising actual Rustblade releases

Three new albums coming out, I’m sure, they all three worth listening to:

Lydia Lunch & Cypress Grove – „A Fistful Of Desert Blues“

My favorit, I guess.

„A Fistful of Desert Blues is a bittersweet symphony of black and acoustic love songs. As beautiful and heartbreaking as 12 wayward orphans who wandered in from the badlands searching for a home away from home, this collection showcases the ever-evolving gypsy shape shifter and her fellow musical vagabond as sonic caretakers offering comfort to those crushed by a love which bruises. For Sure One of the Best Albums from Lydia Lunch. Intense.“

Edward Ka-Spel (The Legendary Pink Dots) e Philippe Petit (BipHop) – „Are You Receivin Us Planet Earth?“

„“Are You Receiving us, Planet Earth?!” is the first effort composed by Edward Ka-Spel & Philippe Petit, both playing various instruments and electronics… The seeds were sown on exotic stringed instruments by Philippe on sultry nights in Marseilles. Long wandering instrumentals, sometimes angular, sometimes mysterious, always operating in their own peculiar universe. Through the medium of cyberspace, these landscapes were delivered to Edward Ka-spel in London, who… duly added vocals plus other underlying, utterly disturbing elements…“

Phil Western – „Longform“

Highly regarded in both the industrial and techno music worlds, Phil Western is one of Canada’s most established and prolific electronic music artists, with over 40 releases of original music to date. As one half of Download (with Skinny Puppy’s Cevin Key) Phillip Western has been crafting Electronic / IDM music for the last two decades…
„Longform“ continues Phil’s unique fusion of electronic music with subtle live instrumentation. Combining classic synth-manipulation with malicious repetition and an electro-punk sophistication, the 16 tracks of Longform vary in tempo and intensity; some are lush, melodic and cathedrally stereophonic, while others are acidly dark and throbbing with seismic heart-beat bass…

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