Tonträgereingang… so far

Monopium / K. Monopium / K. – Nightclubbing / Die Wölfe kommen züruck ‎(CD, Zoharum)
Split of this two projects (whoever „K.“ is). The first 4 tracks from Monopium are a combination of field recording atmospheres, weird electronics, droney Ambient and trippy rhythms. K.’s 3 pieces are fluid instrumental songs with a Synthie electronica base and midtempo rhythms.
Korium Korium – Spoor Of The Wolf (retrospective collection 2003-2013) ‎(2xCD, Hexencave Prod.)
Black Metal as it should be from a Slovakian one-man-project. Bad sound quality, howling voice, screechy guitars, rattling drums. And of course there are some electronical pieces too. It’s Ok.
Kate Tempest Kate Tempest – Let Them Eat Chaos (CD, Fiction)
Anne Clark update? Maybe. The dark sight of The Streets. Maybe. Great, dynamic, empathic, powerful music, for sure! Comes with a Hip Hop flavour.
Ab Intra Ab Intra – Henosis I-V (CD, Zoharum / Hard Art)
Great Synthesizer Dark Ambient from Poland.
Phurpa Phurpa – Rituals Of Bön I (CD, Zoharum / Hard Art)
Ritual Musick. The most interesting release so far, but to be honest: not my cup of tea…
Mirt Mirt – Random Soundtrack (CD, Kosmodrone)
Strange, intellectual electronica, often with weird beats, some ethnic rhythms too, lots of field recordings / samplings and dark atmospheres.
Günter Schlienz Günter Schlienz – Autumn (CD, Zoharum / Hard Art)
Three long Synth Ambient pieces (one for every autumn month). Maybe a bit „romantic“, but fine with some additional instruments.
The Great Park The Great Park – Simple Folk (CDR, Woodland Recordings)
Latest album of Stephen Burch. Another eight great folk songs with voice, guitar and sometimes violin/ piano. In my opinion a more quiet and withdrawn release.
The Great Park The Great Park – Turn Your Back On The Crown (CDR, Woodland Recordings)
Recording session for „Simple Folk Radio“ – „simple“, but wonderful Folk. One man, his guitar and a haunting voice. It’s great to be melancholic. Very strong versions.
Blood Axis Blood Axis – Ultimacy (CD, Storm Records / Tesco Distribution)
Collection of sampler contributions from 2011 with all the songs, collectors were hunting for. By this spanning the range from Martial Industrial to Irish Folk. The only ting I miss, is a presentation of the original sources of the songs.
SBZ SBZ – Promo? (CDR, no label)
Really cool beat-orientated electronica from Dresden. I guess, they have a promising future.
Der Sturm Der Sturm – Concert for biopolar people (MC, Nomad Sky Diary)
Simple but effective noise drones, to shift you to another state of consciousness. Made by Max Bateman of Wurnous Aileen.
900piesek 900piesek ‎– The Sword & The Chalice (MC, Nomad Sky Diary)
Psychedelic Rock meets Noise meets Martial meets free improvisation. Really dense and sometimes hard to listen to.
Xtematic / Torturing Nurse Xtematic / Torturing Nurse ‎– Welcome To Sickness (MC, Nomad Sky Diary)
Croatian Noise Screamo meets Hong Kong Harsh Noise makers, both filtering their sound really heavy.
Psychick Witch Psychick Witch – Cosmic Botanists (MC, Nomad Sky Diary)
Nice mixture of noisy Ambient and field recordings. Raw but deep and hypnotic.
KRRAU / ﻗﺎﻣﺖ ﺍﻟﺳﺎﻋﺔ [QAMAT IS SA'ATU] KRRAU / ﻗﺎﻣﺖ ﺍﻟﺳﺎﻋﺔ [QAMAT IS SA’ATU] – Archaos (MC, Nomad Sky Diary)
Two really strange Russian projects – side one – KRRAU is a bit more pop and folk orientated, ﻗﺎﻣﺖ ﺍﻟﺳﺎﻋﺔ uses ethnic / oriental sources in combination with hard rhythms and Metal shouting.
Roman Leykam Robert Leykam – Impressions (CD, Frank Mark Arts)
OK, this sound could be called „esoteric“ and it’s not experimental in the obvious way. Best we name it „ethnic ambient“ made with different synths and processed electric guitars. The booklet with it’s fine fotos indisputable is art.
Rasalasad Rasalasad – Thismorphia (CD, Thisco)
When I read about all the collaborators on this CD, I was really curious: Jarboe, Merzbow, John Zerzan, Smell & Quim… But most of the songs don’t stay in memory. A bit to much sound carpet, but sometimes covering really good voices.
1677 1677 ‎– 777 Babalon & 900piesek (MC, Sky Burial Productions)
Collaboration of two Slovak projects – 777 Babalon, Ambient + 900piesek, Noise, producing an atmospheric journey through psychedelic sounds with a earthly note.
Phragments" Phragments – All Towers Must Fall (LP, self-released)
Ultra-slow Martial Ambient, bombastic, dark, majestic. Great album!
Helaas" Helaas – The Second To Last Plague (MC, Le Petit Mignon‎)
Psychedelic sounds between ritual ambient and pop, heaven and hell, nightmare and sweet delight.
November Növelet November Növelet – Unintended by Nature (CD, Galakthorroe)
The singels 1994 to 2012 + bonus material. Nothing else to say. For all the collecters, who want to preserve their vinyls and all those who were late. Bonus tracks are fine to, booklet is good, perfect!
Tanz ohne Musik Tanz ohne Musik – Infinity (CD, Galakthorroe)
Galakthorroe is expanding. It seems, as if after the WGT gig of Tanz ohne Musik, the contract had been sealed. Now they are home. Musically they already had been… Fine new album without surprises.
Phurba Phurpa ‎– Chöd (2CD, Zoharum)
I can’t get any approach to this music and I don’t understand why this raw ritual stuff got so popular. Maybe I should spend some time in a Tibetian convent…
Rara Rara – W//\TR (CD, Zoharum)
Wild mixture of differnet styles acoustic guitar tunes, Ambient, Synth Pop, Techno rhythms, but after all it works and it’s far from being boring.
Gaap Kult Gaap Kvlt – Jinn (CD, Zoharum)
Electronica, mostly in an Ambient / Drone style with some midtempo beats and samples. Some excursion into Rhythmic Industrial (very close to Esplendor).
rec phonophon V.A. ‎– [rec.phonophon] – 5 Year Archive (2CD, no label)
Double CD with 40 tracks collected by „Verein zur Förderung von Phonographie und experimenteller Musik e.V.“ i Frankfurt/M. A great variety of electronic sounds and a diary of projects who played at phonophon events.
Auf Abwegen V.A. ‎– Aufabwegen#50 – Ausgewählte Geräusche (2CD, Auf Abwegen)
Sampler, celebrating the 50th release of AufAbwegen. Comes in a DVD Digibook with a 82-page booklet featuring extensive artist info and essays on sound (all in German and English). Some arty-farty stuff, but a lot of great sounds too.
Coil Coil – Backwards (LP, Tesco)
Haven’t understood, why this is a „lost record“, maybe I find out. But until then I enjoy this brillant sounds, this weirdness and this fantastic pop tunes.
Grim Grim – Orgasm (LP, Tesco)
Great, crazy Japanese impro music. Very powerful!
Daina Dieva Daina Dieva – Kas (CD, And Also The Trees)
Dark, melancholic, Ambient. Nice to meditate.
Control Control – Retaliation (CD, Misanthrope Studio)
Thomas Garrison runs his iron machine. Pure Power Electronics .
Masse Mensch V.A. – Masse Mensch (CD, Odd Size)
Really strange sounds from the early 80ies, centered around a track of NUrse With Wound – so you know what to expect. Reissue on CD in the mid-90ies.
And Also The Trees And Also The Trees – Born Into The Waves (CD, And Also The Trees)
Fantastic new album by this English wave legend. Dreamy, romantic, melancholic like always, great music made by gifted musicians. Wonderful packaging / artwork.
Alone In The Hollow Garden / Nam-Khar Alone In The Hollow Garden / Nam-Khar – Split (CD, Qualia)
Fantastic Ritual release by the Holotrop label, combining electronical Ambient moods with ethnic drumming.
John Murphy All My Sins Remembered – The Sonic Worlds of John Murphy (3CD, The Epicurean)
3 CDs filled with the strangest projects. Unbelievable what spectre of music John Murphy was in. His death has been a real loss and this sampler is a fine document of his creativity.
Epicurian Escapism III V.A. – Epicurian Escapism III (CD + DVD, The Epicurean)
Festival sampler with CD and DVD. On the CD not all the bands who played are included, but the most prominent. As diverse as the festival itself.
Grimbergen Grimbergen – The Passing Of Time (CD, self-released)
Fine Synth-, Base- and Guitar Ambient with some nice, trippy to martial rhythms, choirs and a lot of pathos. Mostly a bit depressive.
Atrocious Filth Atrocious Filth – Moans (CD, From Pub)
It took me three attemps to listen through this CD. Slightly Marilyn Manson like Metal with a funky bass, saw guitars and crazy vocals swapping with experimental Rock passages. Not my cup of tea.
Wournos Aileen Jormungand ‎– Fragments Of A Hologram Rose (MC, MFW / Cat’s Heaven)
Wournus Aileen’s May Bateman presents a wide mixture of sounds on this tape of his side project. Pathetic neo-classics meets Synth Romantics meets Industrial…
Wournos Aileen Wuornos Aileen ‎– Pangs Of Death (MC, Silent Minds)
Oldschool Industrial with a lot of samples and dark soundscapes. True stuff from 2007! Listen to at Bandcamp.
Wournos Aileen Wuornos Aileen ‎– Pangs Of Death (MC, Silent Minds)
Re-Release of a Soffitta Macabra from 1996. Fine old school Industrial with a touch of Power Electronics.
Wournos Aileen Wuornous Aileen – Terrorists Activity (CD, Silent Minds)
Drone-Propaganda. Pure Power Electronics. You can call it, poems set to music. Listen to at Bandcamp.
Wournos Aileen WuornosAileen Bande – Angst Vor Der Angst (CDR, Murderabilia Records)
Harsh Power Electronics-Drone-Noise-Propaganda with female and male shouter. Listen to at Bandcamp.
Chimera Chimera – Chimera (2LP, Destilled And Bottled)
Great Ambient played on real instruments, dreamy to doomy, wonderfully packaged.
She Spread Sorrow She Spread Sorrow – Rumspringa (CD, Cold Spring)
Very dark mixture of noisy Ambient and Power Electronics. Really creepy and amazingly atmospheric.
Luca Sigurtà Luca Sigurtà – Warm Glow (CD, Monotype Records)
Fine electronic record, combining a great variety of styles from pop tunes to ambient and back.
Maeror Tri Maeror Tri – Hypnobasia [+ bonus tracks] (CD, Zoharum)
Fifth tape of Maeror Tri, originally released in 1992 by Old Europa Cafe. A bit more noisy Ambient
3 extra titles from various samplers.
Maeror Tri Maeror Tri – Sensuum Mendacia / Somnia (CD, Zoharum)
Early Maeror Tri stuff – third album from 1991 (already re-released in 2005 by L. White Records) and MT’s part of a split from 1990, with the typical fine Ambient, generated from „real“ instruments.
Kallee & The Lunar Trio Kallee & The Lunar Trio – Nushtur (CD, Zoharum)
Submarine ambient on the lowest level, that bores the shit out of me… The best I can say about this record is: nice artwork.
Mammoth Ulthana Mammoth Ulthana – Particular Factors (CD, Zoharum)
Variable sound from ethno-ritual to free Jazz, to abstract Electronics. No easy listening.
Stein Stein – Johanniskirche (CD, Steinton)
Nice, melancholic Neo Folk, good live recording. I really like it, as long the girl does not sing. I can’t cope with this kind of voices…
Roman Leykam / Frank Mark Roman Leykam / Frank Mark – The Detecction Of Slowness (DVD, Frank Mark Arts)
Ambient, made from Guitar and other real instruments + some reduced Synths with the slightly filtered pictures of icy landscapes and water. To slow for me. I fall asleep when watching this. The music is fine.
Antlers Mulm Antlers Mulm ‎– Touring The Moon Bog (MC, Sea State)
Melancholic Electronica with a nice Pop attitude, fluctuating between sadness and hope, warmth and cold.
Llovespell Llovespell ‎– One (MC, Sea State)
Pure Electronica with a melancholic touch. The more pop-like version of Antlers Mulm with club suitable rhythms and a female side.
Etch Wear V.A. ‎– Etch Wear Winter Wear Collection / M 40 (CDR, Etch Wear)
The CD starts with some really cool tracks – Atropine is really powerfull, Ramplingg is great, but than it silts a bit. But in the end – a view great tracks.
Etch Wear V.A. ‎– Etch Wear Spring Classix / It`s A Spring Thing ! (CDR, Etch Wear)
Quiet Electronic, spanning from Ambient / Noise to Pop. My favourite tune is „dancing in circles“ by Sofi Lofi, Dao De Noise is much to long (25min) and Poison Prince & Peter Knäcke absolutely funny.
Feine Trinkers bei Pinkels Daheim Feine Trinkers bei Pinkels Daheim – A Bug’s Life (CD, Zoharum)
A bit odd release bei F.T.b.P.D. and the second time dealing with insects (after the „Toads and Bugs“-Split with D.B.P.I.T). Working with insect noises, topic related samples but also with some melodies and rhythms besides ambient and noise. Not to mention the typical humour of the projects mastermind.
Machinefabrik Machinefabrik – Wendingen (CD, Zoharum)
The subtitle of this CD is „Selected Remixes 2005 – 2016“ tells, when this electronical miniatures of melancholica had been composed. Somewhere between ambient, weird electronica and pop.
Genocide Organ Genocide Organ ‎– Obituary Of The Americas (LP, Tesco Organisation)
Solid album of the Power Electronics / Industrial legends. Another aspect of the same topic…
Dolch / King Dude Dolch / King Dude ‎– Ride With The King / Our Love Will Carry On (7“, Ván)
Great double singel with Dolch (Atmospheric Metal) and King Dude (Neofolk, Americana). Nice packed too.
Dune Messiah Dune Messiah – Dune Messiah (12“, Third Coming Records)
Wonderful music to cry by. Chris Isaak waves a folky hello. A lost love transformed into music.
Stekovic van Interesse Stekovic van Interesse – Im Unterholz (CDR, self-released)
Wonderfully packaged CDR in vinyl look, containing rough ambient. Fien stuff.
Aderlating Fastandhot ‎– Terrorotic (LP, self-released)
Collaboration of Berlin based Noise artists Dr. Nexus and Fake Mistress, released in 2009. Digital-Hardcore-Poetry-Noise-Art.
Praying For Obliviong Praying For Oblivion ‎– 0rdinalzahl / 0 (CD, Obscurex)
Really good and powerful noise / PE album. PFO proceeded very well.
Anemone Tube Anemone Tube – Golden Temple (CD, Raubbau)
Third release inside the Suicide Series. Ambient Industrial Noise Soundscapes with a concept, questioning man’s impact on nature. (listen here)
Aderlating Aderlating – Hell Fellows (CD, Black Plague)
Really theatric dark atmospheres with Industrial and Opera touch. Sounds like, if they awake some demonic entities. (listen here)
Shibalba Shibalba – Samsara (CD, Malignant Records)
Dark Ambient / Ritual sounds with a sligh theatric note. Fine stuff to frighten you neighbour. (listen here)
Antlers Antlers ‎– A Gaze Into The Abyss (MC/LP/CD, Into Endless Chaos)
Atmospheric Black Metal. Phantastic and powerful. On heavy rotation now… (listen here)
Otavan Veret Otavan Veret ‎– Otavan Veret (CD, Cyclic Law)
The name of this Finish project is a bit strange but the music is brillant Dark Ambient with a ritual touch.
Trepaneringsritualen Trepaneringsritualen ‎– Perfection & Permanence (CD, Cold Spring)
With some delay it hit me. Very effective and powerful Industrial music with some real hymns!
Evi Vine Evi Vine ‎– …And So The Morning Comes (CD, self-released)
Melancholic singer-songwriter pop. Music to dream by and think about the atrocities of life.
Greatful Däd Grateful Däd ‎– Moomin Valley Of The Dolls (MC / LP, Sonitus Insulto)
Really crazy Finish Non-Music. Circuit Bending Free Jazz…
Test Dept. Test Dept. – Total State Machine (CD, DVD, Book, PC-Press)
A real masterpiece. CD and DVD are as expected: live sounds and video from the 1980/90ies. But the book is… marvellous. It will take me 2 years to read it.
Subliminal ‎ Subliminal ‎– Sterben Lassen (7“, Galakthorroe)
Nesw 7“ from the harshest Galakthorroe artist. My favorite in the actual triple release.
Da-Sein Da-Sein ‎– Tautology (7“, Galakthorroe)
Though you still hear the labels typical sound, it’s something new, with a more minmal pop attitude like November Növelet.
November Növelet November Növelet ‎– The World In Devotion (CD/LP, Galakthorroe)
Another wonderful album of November Növelet. Melancholic minimal pop. At the moment I like „Magic“ abit more, but time will tell.
Instinct Primal Instinct Primal – Dazzling Darkness (CD, Silken Tofu)
Fine electronic in the way of Bad Sector – Dark Ambient with a wider range of inputs and higher dynamics.
Raven / Astro Raven / Astro – Split (MC, Autistic Campaign)
Split tape between Raven from Serbia and Astro from Japan. 40 minutes harsh noise with a nice packageing
Milan Knizak / Opening Performance Orchestra Milan Knizak / Opening Performance Orchestra – Broken / Re/Broken (CD, Sub Rosa)
Distorted music. A very long and sometimes unsettled trip through decomposed sounds. The OPO track is a bit more harsh and noisy.
Sound For The Masses V.A. – Sound For The Masses (MC, haang niap Records / neconeco records)
Really no „sound for the masses“: ODA, Turtring Nurse, Rohco of Astro ans Nguyen Hong Giang bring different kind of noisy pain to your ears. 😉
Dave Phillips & Hiroshi Hasegawa Dave Phillips & Hiroshi Hasegawa – Insect Apocalypse (CD, Monotype Records)
Regarding the sound of the two artists, I expected something harsher, but I‘;m not disappointed. Quite the contrary: Very interesting Noisy Ambient with injected insect sounds
Birds Build Nests Underground Birds Build Nests Underground- So As (CD, Love Nest)
Abstract music concrete with a jazzy note.
Hait Hati – Metanous (CD, Zoharum, Hard Art)
Fine Ritual Ambient with a very avatistic note.
Echoes Of Yul Echoes Of Yul – The Healing (CD, Zoharum, Hard Art)
Instrumental Psychedelic Rock with Ambient atmospheres.
DRSDN DRSDN 2.14 /// DRSDN 2.15 – Asutreibung und Reformation(CDR / Danhuser Org.)
Really mysterious project with an interesting electronic sound between Field Recording, Anbient and Industrial. Mostly very quiet.
In Gowan Ring In Gowan Ring – The Serpent and THe Dove (CD, Les Disques Du 7ème Ciel)
Another great album of this folk project. Fantastic.
In Gowan Ring In Gowan Ring – The Glinting Spade (CD / Merlins Nose Records)
2013 re-realase of this early In Gowan Ring album. Originally released in 1999.
Expo 70 Expo 70 ‎– Solar Drifting (CD, Zoharum / Hard Art)
Retrospective of this Psychedelic outfit containing sold-out 7“ and EPs. The songs are shorter and more complex, expanding the guitar sound with noises.
Circuit Integre 1 V.A. – Circuit Integre Voulme 1 (CD, Zoharum / Hard Art)
This CD is rightly subtitled „A Compilation Of Contemporary Electronics“, containing abstract rhythms and intense soundscapes of 4 different projects.
Artefaktum Artefactum ‎– Rosarium Hermeticum (CD, Ur Muzik)
Very strange, distant ambient in a Northern vein. If you like the Norwegians like Svartsinn, taste this!
"Abandoned Abandoned Asylum- Derelicts Of Distant Hope (CD, Malignant Records)
Fine Dark Ambient from Poland with classical elements, celebrating the cold mood of abandoned places.
777 Babalon 777 Babalon – Crowned And Conquering Child (CD + 3“CD, Sky Burial)
Obscure Slovakian project celebrating dark rituals ;-). Really like it.
07/100/15 V.A. – 07|100|15 (2CD, Zoharum / Hard Art)
Great label sampler with a lot of interesting projects. Get it! I would like all tracks, if a havent had an allergy against Jazzy saxophones. :-)
Jude Jude – Stat (CD, Requiem Records)
3rd album in 15 years of this Polish quartett. Right in the face, very harsh. For my taste some more dynamics would make this a bit more acessable.
Aquavoice Aquavoice – Early Recordings (2CD, Zoharum / Hard Art)
Though a bit „esoteric“ Aquavoice present a great Synthesizer Music, surely influenced by Kraftwerk but very independent. 2 CD contains the first album „Water music“ and some tracks from release 2 and 3.
Sindre Bjerga / Micromelancholie Sindre Bjerga & Micromelancolié (CD, Zoharum / Hard Art)
Athmospheric field recordings meet dark Drone layers.
Maciek Szymczuk Maciek Szymczuk – Music for Cassandra (CD, Zoharum / Hard Arts)
Readers of this side know Maciek Szymczuk from Aabzu. Solo he’s playing a melancholic, dreamy Synthesizer music. Maybe that sound like kitsch, but it isn’t.
Sonologyst Sonologyst – Unexplained Sound (MC, Gravity’s Rainbow Tapes)
Real experimental music with a lot of field recordings. Exciting. Listen here.
Knifeladder Knifeladder – The Spectre (CD, Cryonica Music)
2006 album of this trio. Experimental, atavistic but with a fine pop attitude and even some hits.
Snog / Black Lung Snog & Black Lung – A Curious & Exotic Journey Into Sound & Philosophy (CD, M-Tronic)
Snog should be an international pop act. Really nice stuff. Black Lungs horro soundtracks are OK.
Blackhouse Blackhouse 25th Years Anniversary + Hope Like A Candle (2CD, M-Tronic)
The anniversary Cd is some document for fans, „Hope Like A Candle“ still wildest Industrial Noise Punk.
Strotter Inst. Strotter Inst. – Minenhund (CD, Ein Bauer im Anzug Produktion)
Interesting raw and mostly rhythmic stuff – real machine musick.
23 Threads 23 Threads – Conspicuous Unobstructed Path (CD, Zoharum)
Really great record, that reminds me a bit of Current 93 with female singer.
Opollo Opollo – Stone Tapes (CD, Voodoo Rhythm Records)
Fine ambient with guitar drones – but not very cosmic 😉
Rapoon Rapoon – What Do You Suppose / Project Blue Book (2CD, Zoharum)
Really good re-release, including a remix-CD, with a lot of interestingsamples. Something I’m often missing at Rapoon… Recommanded!
Wieza Cisnien V.A. – Wieża Ciśnień II (CD, Zoharum / CKiS Wieża Ciśnień)
Some of this electro-acoustic sounds are really good, but the arty-farty saxophon torturer really kill me…
MyTrip MyTrip – Empty (7“ Voodoo Rhythm Records)
Fine, very bassy ambient from Bulgaria. Really like it.
Conjecture Conjecture – Nunavut (CD, Raumklang Music)
Fine mixture of Ambient and rhythmic Industrial. For me a bit to much rhythm 😉
Sudden Infant Sudden Infant – Woelfl’s Nightmare (CD, Voodoo Rhythm Records)
Great hybryd of Industrial, hardcore and performance art with a message.
Tanz ohne Musik Tanz ohne Musik – Between Our Body Shapes (CD, Sleepless Berlin)
Arafnaesk pop musick from Romania. Nice.
Elektroanschlag V.A. – Elektroanschlag 2015 (CD, R-Reger)
Nice festival sampler with a wide variety of electronic sounds.
Dave Philipps Dave Phillips – Homo Animalis (2CD, Schimpfluch Associates)
Real „harsh noise“ dealing with the failures of human kind and how we treat animals. Heavy stuff with grinding vocals.
Anemone Tube Anemone Tube – Dream Landscape (CD, Silken Tofu)
Great noisy Ambient – 2010 album of this German project.
Jordan Reyne Jordan Reyne – Crone (CD-EP, Factory Nation)
Looped folk songs, a great voice, industrial layers – fine music from New Zealand!
Sewer Goddess Sewer Goddess – Painlust (CD, Black Plagve)
Really strange hybryd of Doom Metal, Death Industrial and Occult Rock. I’m not yet, if I like it or not…
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio – Four (MC, Raubbau)
Extended version of a 2007 10“ with a lot of fine remixes of this Swedish dream pop band.
Objekt/Urian Objekt/Urian – Agitprop (MC, Raubbau/Pflichtkauf)
Live recording of the Maschinenfest 2012 show, powerfull stuff!
Inner Vision Laboratory I.V.L. (Inner Vision Laboratory) – Austeros (CD, Hard Art / Zoharum)
Experimental music of a wide range. From Ambient to Industrial.
Hybryds Hybryds – The Ritual Should Be Kept Alive (CD, Hard Art / Zoharum)
Ritual / ambient music from 1991. Rerelease of rare material. Wish, they had kept the old artwork.
Expo70 Expo70 – Frozen Living Elements (CD, Hard Art / Zoharum)
Fine psychedelic music that must have been created in the 1960ies.
Expo70 Expo70 – Corridors Of Infinity (2CD, Hard Art / Zoharum)
Fine psychedelic music that must have been created in the 1960ies.
Rapoon Rapoon – Seeds In The Tide Vol. 3 (2CD, Hard Art / Zoharum)
Another Rapoon re-release, this time with „Keepsakes & Oddities from 2003 to 2004“. On of the best releases in my ears. Additional CD with a concert recording from Vienna 2004.
Machinfabrik - The Measures Taken Machinfabrik – The Measures Taken (CD, Hard Art / Zoharum)
Interesting experimental music. Very raw stuff.
"Magadan Magadan – Sojuz (MC, Nomad Sky Diaries)
Czech Power Electronics in a great packaging. Limited to 33 pieces.
Legion Of Swine Legion Of Swine – The Threw democacy onto the rest of the Legion Of Swine (CD-R, Ojud Records)
Mostly harsh noise
Legion Of Swine Legion Of Swine – XX XV (MC, no label)
Fine noisy ambient
Seismic Wave Factory Seismic Wave Factory – Signum Temporis (CD-R + DVD-R, Moontrix)
Fine, complex Industrial Noise from Czechia. DVD delivers the pictures according to the sound.
The Machine Started To Flow VA – The Machine Started To Flow (CD, Moontrix)
Sampler made for event of the same name with exclusive tracks by COH, Colin Potter, Skeldos, Oorchach, Morrigun, Inwards and Andrew McKenzie (The Hafler Trio).
Maldur Altai Maldur Altai – Umbra Nihilis I (CD, Moontrix)
Varied remix album of this mysterious Lithuanian project, remixes done by different artists like Pogrom, Oorchach, Skeldos, Voice Of Eye, Deutsch Nepal.
Rumunija/ OBŠRR / Vilkduja Rumunija_/ OBŠRR / Vilkduja – III (CD, TeRRoR)
Three Lithuanian projects presenting a folky Electronica Pop. Very nice!
AntiChild League AntiChild League – The Son (CD, Old Europa Cafe)
Brillant female Power Electronics, that really deserves the genres name. Pure Power!
Hyperakusis V.A.- Hyperakusis I + II (2CD, Audiophob)
Two samplers of German Audiophob label in a double pack. Mixture of differnt ambient / down tempo techno styles. Suitable even for a more club orientated audience but never boring.
Maninkari Maninkari – Continuum Sonore 7 -14 (CD, Zoharum)
French duo presenting a fine ambient.
White Circles V.A. – White Circles Compilation Volume One (MC, aufnahme + wiedergabe)
Sampler of bands, played at this Leipzig party, celebrating it’s first birthday. Very close to the Death Disco sounds. Nice but not durable. Comes with a download code for the digital youth
Forrest Drones Forrest Drones – Najas Flexilis Exequiae (CD, Zoharum)
Best of this CD is the cover. The musi is 60 minutes more or less constant sound environment, becoming boring soon.
Jarl / Envenomist Jarl / Envenomist – Tunguska Event (CD, Zoharum)
Nice, “earthened” Ambient as a result of the cooperation of Eric Jarl (IRM) and David Reed (Luasa Raelon).
Nagamatzu Nagamatzu – Neural Interval (2CD, Zoharum)
Collections of the works of this end 1980ies, early 1990ies band. Reminds a bit of Human League, though not that pop-like. First Musicla project of Andrew Lagowski (Legion). Nice artwork.
Antlers Mulm Antlers Mulm ?– Filth In Several Styles – Alternative Sparks (CD, Sonderuebertragung)
Wonderful album, combining Ambient, Pop and Noise with a great voice.
MK9 MK9 – Evidence Serires, Object 6, Placebo (MC, self released)
One side 30 min tape with a therapy session. Added two text / image items.
MK9 MK9 – Anhedonic Ideations (2x 3”CDRs, 1x Credit Card CDR, self released)
Conceptual art with harsh sounds, printed art, a sticker and a booklet with depressing lyrics, all sealed in black plastics.
IRM IRM – Closure… (CD, Malignant Records)
The actual master piece of this Swedish trio. Industrial music for the inner journey to the darkest places inside yourself.
Phurpa Phurpa – Mantras Of Bon (CD, Zoharum)
Shamanic music for those who have a Diamanda Galas diploma ;-)
Soundaround V.A. – Soundaround (CD, Hard Art)
Very strange mixture of all styles from Jazz to Noise & Ritual.
Aquavoice Aquavoice- Nocturne (CD, Zoharum
Various electronic music with a slight pop attitude.
Death Disco IV V.A. – Death Disco IV (2CD, Death Disco / Made in Berlin)
Mostly boring Synthie Pop.
Schlagstrom 8 V.A. – Schlagstrom Vol. 8(2CD, Sleepless)
Festival sampler, presenting the variety of electronical music staged at Schlagstrom .
Thomas Janitzky Thomas Janitzky – NothingIs Said (Til The Artist Is Dead)(7”)
Press two slightly changed pop songs on a vinyl, add a pamphlet and call it art. WTF is this? I don’t get it…
Ab Intra Ab Intra – Supremus (CD, Zoharum)
Spacy synthesizer ambient, that reminds me a bit of J.M. Jarre…
Metrom Metrom – Live in Bratislava / Stor – Forgotten Sewers (CDR, Nomad Sky Diaries)
Well-packed, very limited split release of this Ctwo projects. Stor is a bit more noisey, Metrom ambient.
Troum Troum – Dreaming Muzak (CD, Zoharum / Hard Art)
Re-Release of the second Troum album from 1998, once released on a tape. A bit more machine-like ambient
Theodor Bastard Theodor Bastard – Oikoumene (CD, Theo Records)
Dreamy Ethno Pop with a ot of Russian and oriental influences.
raison d'être raison d’être – Collected Works (CD, Infinite Fog Productions)
Russian collection of tracks recorded between 1999 and 2010, taken from various compilations.
Loki Compilation V.A. – Incendium #4 (CD, Loki Found.)
Fine Loki / Power & Steel Compilation with Northaunt, Bad Sector, Fjernlys, S.E.T.I. etc.
Herbst9 Herbst9 – The Gods Are Small Birds, But I Am The Falcon (CD, Loki Found.)
Another great project from the Leipzig mystic ambient gang.
Circular Circular – Radiating Perpetual Light(CD, Loki Found.)
Fine, more light ambient with guitar drones.
6‹omm & Freya Aswynn 6‹omm & Freya Aswynn ?– The Fruits Of Yggdrasil (CD, Hau Ruck!)
Wonderful Re-Release of this pathbreaking magic album from 1987!
Schmerz und Erlösung Schmerz und Erlösung – Demo 1 (LP, no label)
Very powerful do it yourself – Oldschool Industrial dealing with the pope and Christianity.
The Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus The Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus – After The End (3Cd in a box, Infrastition)
Brillant Re-relase of the first two albums and some “work in progess” including material from the “Paradis” EP
Jozef Van Wissem / SQÜRL Jozef Van Wissem / SQÜRL – Only Lovers Left Alive (CD, Naked Kiss Music)
Great pathetic rock soundtrack with oriental influences.
Arcade Fire Arcade Fire – Reflektor(2CD, Sonovox Records)
Nice, twisted Indie Rock. Though it’s very mainstream I like it.
Teatro Satanico Teatro Satanico – This is clearly a bootleg (LP, no label)
Self-made bootleg in the typical style. Have to find out the idea behind. Musically it’s fine and in a great quality.
Lunus Lunus – Nihil(CD, Old Europa Cafe)
Side project of Teatro Satanico mastermind Devs G. A bit more rough but typical TS.
Inade Inade – Audo Mythology Two (CD, Loki Found.)
Unrelased, reworked and rare material of this brillant German mystic ambient project.
Current 93 Current 93 – I Am The Last Of All The Field That Fell (CD, Coptic Cat)
A bit jazzy and less accessable actual album of David Tibet & Co.
Contagious Orgasm Contagious Orgasm – Voltage Controlled Amplifier (CD, SSSM)
Early released and unreleased stuff. Often very noisy but in a great variation.
Contagious Orgasm / Instinct Primal Contagious Orgasm & Instinct Primal – Giant Fish (CD, SSSM)
Mostly very dark piece, garnished with a lot field recordings and with some outbreaks.
Inner Vision Laboratory / Nepenthe Inner Vision Laboratory vs. Nepenthe – Ambit (CD, Hard Art / Zoharum)
Good but not very exciting ambient.
Rafal Kolacki Rafal Kolacki – Ninkyo Dantai (CD, Zoharum & Noisen Records)
Very varied experimental music, mostly in an ambient mood.
Elektroanschlag 2014 V.A. – Elektroanschlag 2014 (CD, R-Reger)
Festival sampler with a great variety of electronical sounds.
Herz Jühnig Herz Jühnig – Paradise (7”, Galakthorroe)
Once again a nice 7” from Galakthorroe – collectors item. Musically you get, what you expect.
Hybryds Hybryds – Music For Rituals (2CD, Zoharum)
Re-Release of early Hybryds material, rarities & unrleased tracks in a fine package.
Musik für Eingeweide 1 V.A. – Musik für Eingeweide 1 (CDR, Empty Room Expolration)
Wild mixture of “Industrial” or experimental sounds with a funny packaging.
Rising From The Red Sands V.A. – Rising From The Red Sand Volumes I – V (5LP, Vinyl On Demand)
Wonderful Rerelease of a A Third Mind Records Compilation from the early 80ies.
Inade Inade – Audio Mythology One (CD, L.O.K.I. found)
Collection of rare Inade tracks. Brillant.
Lustmord Lustmord – The Word As Power (CD, Blackest Ever Black)
Very untypical Lustmord album with ethno singing. I like it.
Bad Sector – Ampos (CD, Power & Steel)
Wonderfully packaged rerelease of this 1995 album with two extra tracks..
C.O.T.A. – Marches And Meditations (CD, Sonick Sorcery)
Great heathen electronica folk. A bit more “bulky” than the other releases.
Lagowski – Redesine + (CD, Zoharum)Technoid electronica.
X-NAVI:ET X-NAVI:ET – Dead City Voice (CD, Zoharum / Eter)
Ritual Electronica & Ambient
Flutwacht & Le Fensch Industrial Orkestra – Split (CDR, Forges Allies)
Nicely packaged release. Drone Industrial with a lot of samples.
Flutwacht & Le Fensch Industrial Orchestra – 1966 (CDR, Forges Allies)
Bit noisy low-fi Drone & mechanical Industrial.
Flesh Crawler – Cut And Roast [Archive 2012] (CDR, Self-released)
Pure Harsh Noise. To much for me.
Flesh Crawler – Cut And Roast [Archive 2011] (CDR, Self-released)
Metal flavoured Ambient & machine Noise.
Contrastate – A Breeding Ground For Flies (CD, Dirter Promotions)
Great 2012 album – mixture of Ambient, Industrial, Classic.
IRM – Anthology (2CD, Autarkeia)
Double CD with tracks from samplers and other releases from 1998 to 2008, one unreleased track, CD2 comes with live recordings. Power Electronics.
Vilgoc – Vril (CDR, Somnolent Shelter Records)
Harsh Noise with no mercy
V.A. – Requiem (CD, Requiem)
Interesting mixtures of many styles from electronica via classical to jazzy.
Tassilo Kaminsky, Kommissar Hjuler Und Frau – Split (CDR, Industrial Culture)
Noise meets collages
Solar Skeletons – In Aesthetic Surgery (2MC, Solis Kanones)
Great mixture odf styles. Solar Skeleton songs reinterpreted
Schmerz Und Erlösung – Wiedereinstieg X (MC, Psychicrites)
Old School Industrial
Various – …With Eyes Wide Open For A Brighter Future… (CD, House Of The Last Light)
From Guitar Drones to Power Electronics
Various – Like Music To Their Ears Vol. 2 (CD, Mechanoise Labs)
Mostly crass Electronics
M.A.O. – Citizen Gain (MC, Industrial Culture)
Von Industrial bis Noise mit Popeinlagen
Maeror Tri- Meditamentum (2CD, Zoharum)
Dark Ambient. Rerelease of two MT-rare track-complations in one…
Pugna – ?????? [Choombd] (CDR, Kerpg)
Ambient Black Metal bastard from Russia.
V.A. – Epicurian Escapism II (CD + DVD, The Epicurian /Silken Tofu / Peripheral Records)
Fine festival sampler + Con-Dom videos on DVD.
Swans – The Seer (2CD + DVD, Young God records)
Latest album of the Swans. Typical noisy rock, but with some lengths. Great record of a concert on DVD!
Praying For Oblivion (CDR, The Tourette Tapes)
Harsh Noise with iron additionals and a meditative character.
V.A. – Unrest Productions Over Prague (4 MC + 3” CD, Unrest Production)
Gift, only sold at concert in Prague with contributions of all artists and an extra collaboration track on 3”.
Contrastate – A Thousand Badgers In Labour (CD, Black Rose Recordings)
“Ancient” (1990) album of this British outfit. Great ambient pop!
Pankow – Hogre (CD, Out Of Line)
Remixes of the actual album “And Shun The Cure They Most Desire”. “Don’t Follow” is epic in both versions!
Echo West – Echoes Of The West (CD, Dark Vinyl)
2005 album of this German minimal / Synthie Wave band. Harsher than expected…
V.A. – A Man & A Machine III (2CD, Le Son Du Maquis)
Very mixed double album of different electronical music from boring Synthie Pop to great tunes.
V.A. – Dark Ambient Radio Vol. 3 (CD,
Third sampler of this specialized internet station. Thumbs up, fine sounds!
Lustmord – The Place Where The Black Stars Hang (CD, Ant Zen)
Re-realease of this 1993 album. Dark Ambient, nothing more to say.
Lustmord – Carbon Core (CD, Ant Zen)
Re-release of the 2003 album. One of the most various Lustmord albums and my favourite yet.
Privat – Solo (CD, Rebeat)
Jazzy pop music. Hurts my ears. To debil for me.
Schloss Tegal – Oranur III “The Third & Final Report” (CD, Cold Spring)
Re-Release of this classic Schloss Tegal Album with nice booklet & 3 new tracks.
Wolf359 – Primitive Assembly (CD-R, Iceage Productions)
Improvisational music from Psychedelic Rock to experimental by six Australian musicians. Sometimes light, sometimes really dark.
Angel Epilepsia – Soul Eater (CDR, Uz Bolo Dost! Productions)
900Piesek / Drén – Split (CDR, Uz Bolo Dost! Productions)
Rumpeln – Rumpeln (CDR, Kollaps)
Humorous and well structured noise. Great Artwork.
Rumpeln – Igital (CDR, Save The CD-R)
Diversified and very funny noise. Crazy packaging.
886VG / Troj – Musnah (CDR, No Brain Prod.)
Split of this two Noise projects from Chile and Singapore. Harsh, very harsh and long.
886VG / Armenia / Nego – Orgullo, Ruido Y Tradicion (CDR, No BrainProd.)
Split of three Noise projects. Noisy brainwash. Brutal sounds, poor information. Who is who?
MK9 – Nothingness Exists (CDR, Neural Operations)
Paranoiz – 387 (CDR, self released)
(The Mighthy) Sieben – Nothing Than All (CD, Redroom Records)
7JK – Anthems Flesh (CD, Redroom Records)
Great album of melancholic Pop Music. A great combination of Sieben’s violin drone and Job Karma’s Synth sounds.
Cyclotimia – Music For Stockmarkets (CD, Zhelezobeton)
Luminance Ratio ‎– Seven Inch Series vol.1 (7”,Fratto9 Under The Sky Records, Kinky Gabber)
MK9/Michael Nine – Discography and Video 2001 – 2006 (CD+ VCD, NeuralOperations)
Collection of items like “self medicated” or “Empathy / Apathy”. If you missed them, that’s your chance! Noise Ambient & Power Electronics + visual feed. Like it!
Schloss Tegal – Human Resource Exploitation (CDR, Tegal Records)
Re-Release of the 1997 Schloss Tegal album. Not even one of their bests…
Sigillum S – 23/20 (CD, Verba Corrige)
Latest album of the Italian masters. A bit to strange for my taste but varied.
Psychic TV – Themes (6CD, Cold Spring Records)
Six CDs in a marvellous box with “Themes” – all the experimental Psychic TV recordings. A Must for fans.
Psychic TV – Live In Basildon (CD, Cold Spring Records)
Psychic Rock’n’Roll at it’s best.
Joy Division – All Lyrics (Book + CD, Sonic Book)
All Lyrics of Joy Division in an artful designed book with paintings of Andrea Chiesi. Plus Italian translation and a 4-track CD. Why something like this doesn’t exist in German???
Club Moral – Mit Neuen Waffen (CDR, Trash Ritual)
Re-release of very early Club Moral (1983). Noisy with a lot of recitation.
Club Moral – Felix Culpa (CDR, Club Moral)
Typical “disharmonic” album of this Dutch experimentalists. Noise and voice.
Conscientia Peccati – Chaos/Magick (CDR, Tosom) Nice Dark & Magic Ambient.
Kristus Kut / Sacred Youth – Loving Wheite Flowers (CDR, SkullLine)
Experimental Ambient with very heavy samples. Violence against women.
Kouhei Matsunaga – Complicated High Still Now… (CDR, Autarkeia)
Experimental noise and ambient.
Flutwacht / Mezire – Soundwaves (split) (CDR, Zero01one)
Split of this two projets, with more Flutwacht typical sound (Noisy Ambient) and without Mezire‘s PE-shounting. To be honest: I expected a bit more…
V.A. – Elektroanschlag 8 [No. 13, Final Edition] (6CDs, R-Reger)
88 Tracks of projects, that played at this nice little festival. Rhymtm Noise, Electronica, Power Electronics, … The full monty :-)
Horologium – Der Volksmund sagt 1 (7”’, La Escencia)
Traditional Polish music mixed wth soundart. Nice!
Gehirn.Implosion / EA80 – d.i.a. (7”, verstand recs)
Split of this two projets, pure noise meets rough punk on white vinyl
Animal Machine – Slavemachinery (CD-R, NBD)
Japan Noise from Poland, three long and intense pieces, recorded in 2005.
Störenfried – Down With The Circuits (CD-R, CircuitCircle)
Strange circuit bending from Dresden. Very cranky :-)
Peter Hope’s Exploding Mind presents Loud / Wrong / Proud(MC, Wrong Revolution)
Cool Sheffield sounds mixing punk attitude with Suicidal electronics. “Whight Light” is a real dance floor hit, the last songs on side 2 are more experimental…
Flutwacht – Infektion (CDR, Apocalyptic Radio, Smell The Stench)
Noisy Machine music.
N.Strahl.N / Flutwacht – Flut (2-CDR, Tourette Tapes, Licht & Stahl)
Fine colaboration between this two hyperactive acts. More interesting then most of their solo stuff…
V.A. – Gone (CDR, Apocalyptic Radio)
Sampler with N.Strahl,N, Wach, Vronthor, Flutwacht… Typical experimental machine music and one of the worst songs ever heard by Ego Death… :-)
Ego Death – Stimmen des Aufgebens (CDR, Apocalyptic Radio)
Experimental release by Greek musician Manos Michaelides. Nice Soundtrip.
Tinemo Abbora – untitled (MC60, Tourette Tapes)
Harsh Noise Ambient recorded at a stone breaker assembly line. No reason to put this sound on a tape :-(
Erdlicht / Fieberflug – Split (MC80, Licht & Stahl / Tourette Tapes)
Side A: Urlicht-Drones, Martial Drumes and dreamy Ambient by Erdlicht
Side B: Fieberflug brings metallic Ambient and Drones and enjoys the silence. Meditational atmospheres for Psychoacoustics with nice artwork
Vincenzo Bossi – The Ritual Tapes (2-MC, Tourette Tape)
Nice artwork, sounds from ambient via ritual to noise, but as an eco asshole I don’t like waisting two tapes, though all the not to long pieces would fit one…Tape 1 is the more interesting one with the true ritual sounds…
Inade – Incarnation Of The Solar Architects (CD, Loki Found.)
Actual album of this Leipzig Ambient masters. Nothing to complain. 100% quality!
Skrol – New Laws New Orders (CD, Twilight Records)
Typical Skrol album (released in the year 2000) – dark, orchestral, merciless. If you like In Slaughter Natives et all: test it!
Column One – Transmission 4 (LP, Stateart)
Recording of a fine ritual live show on heavy vinyl (released 2000).
Rattus and the Scientific Method Orchestra – Kind of Hell (CD-R, nolabel)
Not so hellish, dreamy instrumental rock mixed with some electronica. First release with only three short songs and a very reduced “multimedia presentation”. To “friendly” for my taste.
Antlers Mulm – Paranoid Blue (CD-R, Demo)
Demo of the actual live show of the Leipzig project. Very intense and repetitive Ambient pop melange.
Theodor Bastard – Beloje: Lowaja Sluich Swerej (CD, Q-Code Records)
Fine and intense Russian world music with mainly female vocals. Comes in a fantastic artwork.
VA – Incendium III (CD, Loki Foundation)
Low price label sampler with a lot of interesting projects from Loki universe (Seti, Bad Sector, Herbs9, Land :Fire, Inade, First Law…). Fine collection!
Inade – Samadhi State (CD, Loki Foundation)
Collected recordings from 2000 to 2002, originally released as digipack for first Japan gig of Inade. Fantastic Mystic Ambient as always…
EZH – Slumber / Robert X. Patton – Gold Silver Green (7”, IronFlame,333 pc.)
Nice Minimal Synth split-single, strictly limited with a lot of additionl gadgets! Fine.
F.T.B.P.D & D.B.P.I.T – Toads And Bugs (2 x 3”-CD, White RabbitRecords)
The best and most complex artwork I ever seen. Excellent! The music seems to be minor but it’s still interesting experimental stuff as we know it from this both projects. (released in 2005)
Genocide Organ – Under Kontrakt (CD, Tesco)
Newest album of this German Power Electronic pioneers. Not a milestone but still a high standard.
Genocide Organ – Archive II (10”, Tesco)
Typical GO sound, small compilation of rare tracks.
Isomer – Face Forward To The Sun (CD, Tesco)
Nice mixture of martial, neo classic and power electronics.
VA – J (CD, Zelphabet)
Intellectual noise with Js: John Wiese, John Duncan, Jon Rose, Joseph Hammer, Justice Yeldham
Current 93 – Honey Suckle Aeons (CD, Coptic Cat)
Latest album of Current 93 – with a singing saw! Typical C93 but with a lot arabic rhythms. I like it.
Lustmord – Songs Of Gods And Demons (CD, Vault Works / Hexagon)
Collected works 1994 – 2007, mostly very “melodious”.
Troum – Mare Idiophonika (CD, Silken Tofu)
1Track-CD with the studio version of 2007 Live program. Beautiful drone music. Mystical & meditative.
Green Army Fraction- Chlorophyll Flood (CD, Steinklang)
Eco-Fashist power electronics. Rerelease of first GAF album from 2001. Very powerfull and hate-filled!
Lustmord – Other Dub (CD, Vaultworks)
Three long titles wit dubby base. Fine!
Sudden Infant – Sudden Infant’s Invocation Of The Aural Slave Gods(CD, Blooming Noise)
Sehr abgefahrene Krachplatte mit zwei leider wenig gelungenen Coverversionen.
Kaltfront – Life’88 (CD, Rundling, Zieh Dich Warm An! Tapes)
Ganz schön sperriger und düsterer DDR-Punk, ein dreiviertel Jahr vor der Maueröffnung live in Cottbus mitgeschnitten. Kult im Osten!
Genocie Organ – Archive I (10”, Tesco)
Very rare material with a surprisingly atypical track.
Flutwacht – A visual part #1 (DVD-R, Apocalyptic Radio)
Ganz schön ermüdend. Habe bisher immer nur die ersten zwei Videos am Stück geschafft…
V.A. – Elektroanschlag No.11 (Comp. 6) (CD, R-Reger)
Sampler zum Altenburger Festival mit allen Künstlern, die live zu sehen waren…
Encyclopedia of Industrial Music (additional CDs) (2CD-R, Impulsy Stetoskopu)
Zwei CDs zum ersten Teil der Industrial-Enzyklopädie mit allerhand interessanten Tracks.

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