03.11.2019, 19 Uhr: Fixateur Externe

Sunday ChillOut

Fixateur Externe (HU)
– Musique concréte with DIY instruments
– Experimental music, interactive performance
– special visual set with slideshow and overhead projector

Ü! UAI! Sound-poetic, meta-linguistic, traces: (S)experimental impro-vision, word pictures, sound layers, dream shards, opening microdimensions… Vibrations, Sensitive Waves, Post-Vibrations …, dream-shards (comma),… Ü! Ű from panyiga ü!
Sound Poetry & performance art as well with effects and loops, from homemade musical instruments to traditional folk instruments (zither, cowbell) that he played on a special shamanic way (with horse tooth and bones).

Rovar17 is responsible for the music, while Zopán Nagy using the mic(s). + MaN from Pent Leditgrant Memorial Orchestra frames the event with a slide show and overhead projector as a visual artist.


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