PK XIV: Sindre Bjerga & Grodock live

Psychoakustische Konditionierung XIV


Live: Sindre Bjerga (NOR), Grodock (D)
DJ: V/sions

Samstag 2. Juli 2022, 20 Uhr
Alte Feuerwache Loschwitz, Dresden

Bjerga has been active in the shady back alleys of experimental sound since the mid-1990s, exploring drone music, homemade low-tech electronics and sound collaging. He has been touring quite extensively around the world, Europe, UK, Argentina, Russia, Ukraine, South Korea and numerous times in Japan, playing several hundred gigs He has also held numerous workshops for children and adults building sound objects and self-made instruments. Lately Bjerga has been working more with cassette collages, utilizing found tapes as well as pre-recorded tapes, often mixing and stacking sounds from very different sources, creating these odd, unique and even embarrassing moments. The performative elements in the shows have also been highlighted more lately. Bjerga has been known to wander about in the audience, setting up spontaneous fragile „sound sculptures“, tying audience members up with cassette tape exploring the relationship between artist and audience.

Grodock is the noise/ambient project by David Leutkart, existing since 2009. His sounds, from bulky and brute to harmonic and flat, are released on his label Grubenwehr Freiburg, among others.

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