Tosom Holism 1
Mystified +++ Compest +++ Conscienta Peccati +++ Monoid

Park, Steinebach - Tosom Holism 02 (3''-CDR, Tosom)

"The holism principle is mutual iterative mixing..." starting with two seed tracks. This time Mr. Park of Mystified and Herr Steinebach of Compest, Conscienta Peccati, Monoid are involved in that composition process, resulting in two tracks, each one hitting the ten-minutes-bar. Flowing sounds, a lot of accoustic details, ever-changing ambients from laid-back via ritual to noisy. The both musicans have co-created an interesting sound trip lacking of a concreate destination. It's like a free-minded meditation, bringing you where-ever it takes. Fine experiment!


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