The Insiders - The Mission That Follows The First One (CD, 202 prod)
The Insiders - Gran Lux (CD, 202 prod)

French D.I.Y noise rockers with a very dynamic sound breathing post punk as well as 60ies Rock'n'Roll and experimental music. The Insiders combine desert rock instrumental parts, blues madness, wild attacks of screamo hard core vocals, with weired film samples and taped news broadcastings. They often change tempos and directions, it's very emotional and powerful, but no easy feel-good music. It's a pity, that the band, the man behind 202.project was involved, is already gone. Nice stuff, though from time to time a little bit confusing!
Gran Lux is a bit more song structure orienteated and though really rough more easy to "consume" than "The Mission...". So maybe it's the better choice for beginners who experience this "surf noise garage".
Though it's D.I.Y label, the sound as well as CD and artwork are well produced. I like the drawn figures and cars - it reminds of an outlaw comic.

It's a pity but I can't find more information on the band...


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