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202.project - Love Control (CD-R, self-published)

This French one-man group brings a very find kind of melancholic rock music with a fine wave attitude. The one and only behind is JP aka 202, former member of noise-rock trio "The Insiders" and he's playing all the sounds heard on this nice record: Guitar, Laptop, keyboard; "almost everything". Due to the personal "limits" in the background is mostly a easy rhythm pattern, making the songs very catchy. When played live, the structures are build one by one, mostly starting with a grovy (mid tempo) loop and on CD it's very similar. The plane guitarsound, spacy keyboards, some samples and the warm voice of JPs - all this put together gives a beautiful, moody experience of what Pop / Rock music could be today, but isn't because of the music industrys approach to avoid anything deeper and sustainable. 202.project is opposite of that: emotional miniatures within a wide variety of sound. Songs like the tremendous "Love Bomb" should be played in radio instead of all that mindless crap, that is aired today. Support bands like this, buy their lovingly manufactored CDs and help them to go on and evolve even further!


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