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b°tong - Ov Elf And Haarp (CD-R, Attenuation Circuit)


b°tong is the project of Chris Sigdell, releasing experimental music since 2004 or 2005. The swiss artist is a "sound painter" or if you like it this way "a creator of soundtracks for imaginary films". On b°tongs MySpace-Site he states: "b°tong's music varies from dark and brooding ambient layers of sound, to itchy-scratchy experimental electronics. b°tong deconstructs and recycles bits of samples from natural and unnatural source."
By this it's not so easy to describe all the different sounds and samples that create a sometimes frightening, sometimes cold atmosphere. Dark ambient is not the right term because the music is not that "flowing" as common in that genre. There a many scratches, turns and unusual sound sources, that you have to stay awake to follow. b°tong is music you have to listen to very focused or you shouldn't. The label calls it "cinema for your ears" and this is 100 percent true.
As interesting as the music is the topic of that album: It's about the HAARP-project and the additional conspiracy theory and I really like that. That's what Industrial is about: Not only to open the listeners ears, but to introduce him to the strange things happening around, to provide him ideas, he has never heard of before.

Some last words about the release: It's a vinyl-like looking, unlabeled CD-R in a normal jewel case. The booklet is a printed out sheet of paper. The quality could be a bit better, but that's underground…


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