Zola Jesus - Stridulum II (CD, Souterrain Transmissions)

Once again a CD, I found by accident. This album was on air, when I rummaged around in a record store. I was immedately impressed by the voice of that woman - Nika Roza Danilova - a Russian American singer. It's very clear and intense with a slight 80ies touch, but most of all it's singular. Haven't heard another one like this and in my opinion this is the wealth of Zola Jesus.

The music itself is fully electronic, but far away from club music. It's rather melancholic and lyrical, with frugal beats and catchy meodies. I would put this as pop music at it's best. With hits like "Night" Zola Jesus should become known to a wider audience. Over the full lenghts of the album I wish there was a bit more alternation and the band would use some real instruments. But all togehter it's a fine piece of female music.

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