Vacio Perfecto - Geografia Interiore (CD-R, Licht und Stahl)

One of this albums you can't press a stamp on. Vacio Perfecto, the brain child of Spanish musician Esteban F. Alcalde Villar, is electronic music on the first sight. You can find in that debut album elements of noise and ambient as well as rhythmic patterns, some power electronics approach, field recordings/objects sounds and atonal experiments. All together "Geografia Interiore" gives an ever-changing sound sculpture, sometimes bailing out of perception, then fiercly reappearing. Maybe it's not the philosopher's stone, but it's a good, diversified album, that took me some time to access. One reason: you won't find any "hits" on it. But if you like a rather raw and "unmelodic" sound - try this!

Lim. To 50 pieces, comes in a nice cardboard cover. A second version on MC is also available.



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