V.A. - Tonwellenkonferenz 1

This CD is the official soundtrack for a two-day-festival in 2006 in Erlangen, organized by the members of Atrox and Antracot, bringing together different styles of experimental electronic music.
The round dance starts with a classically affected Martial Ambient, a mystical piece produced by Phelios. Antracot gives a heavy contrast with it's Screamo Noise, layered upon a rolling tank sound. Screloma presents an Old School Industrial piece with a monotone rhythm, noisy layers and samples, while P.A.L. occurs with a cranky rhythm track. Stahlwerk 9 slows down to a minor chord Ambient, drilling in your head with violin sounds. And Deutsch Nepal changes between a straight forward dance rhythm and dreamy Ambient tunes.
Synascape returns to the typical Rhythm Industrial, how it is loved by the club dancers. The distorted voice reminds a bit of the 1990ies Electro like Yelworc etc.
Tardive Dyskinesia comes along with a droning Ambient mixed with scary voices and sounds, Acoh follows with a not so memorable, Muzack track - a mellow club rhythm and a plane keyboard melody - that's it. Heimstatt Yipotash sets a mark with a more powerful rhythmic mid-tempo track, that perfectly fits for a spastic robot dancing. The UMB-Kollektif adds a brittle, unsensational Industrial track with animal screams and French lyrics.
Atrox presents itself with a faster rhythm piece, garnished with distortion and some samples. It mostly sounds like a machine at work - not to exciting at all. Der Manrz combines Dark Ambient soundscapes with cyclic Noise outbreaks, so creating a scary atmosphere, but fail in being intense. Control, layering droning noises to a wall of sound and doing a real hard core screaming are more successful with this. Morgenstern finishes the CD with another noisy Ambient piece, that stands out with his vice sample and the classic layer, One of the best tracks on the compilation.
To sum it up: Though I'm not convinced by every song presented here, it's a fine sampler to scan for interesting projects, for all, who have attended the festival a perfect memorabilia and for those who missed it - like I unfortunately did - a hint not to miss the nest part of the festival…


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