Tainted Corrosive Mist - Parallel Dimension (CD-R, Tosom)

Very slow Drone Ambient from Germany with a slight noisy touch. This appearing as burrs and scratches in the sounds surface, sometimes seeming to be a recording mistake. But be sure, it's all intented.
The titles itself are very long, at least 12 minutes and more. There are no big changes only a quite floating - so TCM has some kind of meditative quality. Drift into the "parallel dimensions" of your mind while hearing! Title 3 (#61) comes with some atmospheric field recording, propably recorded while going on a trip through the musicians home town. Title 4 (#52) comes with a editional distorted E-guitar by this giving the sound some more adhesion. Sounds like recorded live.

All together the CD-R, coming in a DVD case with some photo inlays, is fine. On the other hand you can call this "standard", because there are no real surprises.


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