Skaerbaqt - Live In Leipzig, Galerie Kub 2010
(CD-R, Self released)

Skaerbaqt is a duo making live electronics. And this is a live recording - so they are in their natural element, presenting eight peaces in a least 40 minutes. Electronics is the right term, though you could call it minimal techno as well. Lots of rhythm, sometimes complex and playful, sometimes pure and straight. Skaerbaqt adds some soampling and atmospheric sounds and that's it. Sometimes it's more experimental "listening-stuff", sometimes club-friendly tunes to shake your head. For me it's a bit cool and intelectuell, it doesn't even touch me. Some parts are a bit monoton as well, but the last track really rocks.
To sum it up: If you like IDM you can try this.


Skaerbaqt @ MySpace


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