V.A. - Schlagstrom! 5 (CD, Sleepless Berlin)

This CD is the official CD of the Schlagstrom festival 2010, containing tracks of all the bands & projects performing within this two August days.
So as the festival itself it's a mixture of electronic sounds from fine old school EBM respectively SynthPop (Parade Ground, Job Karma) to hard rhythmic stuff (Skroder, Wylorb, Winterkälte, Morgenstern, Euklid, Nullvektor) to experimental (Kunst als Strafe, Twinkle, Vinyl Terror & Horror, Sudden Infant, sCReening IPT) and more club orientated, danceable stuff (CX2, Rasputeen, Sonar, Yura, Yura, incite/). A fine cross section of the "dark side" of electronics, if you want to call it this way, leaving out the typical modern, brain damaged Goth styles like Hell Electro etc.

To be honest: Not all tracks are really thrilling. But on the other hand it's nearly impossible, that one will love all the sounds, because of the variety of styles. Some (e.g. Euklid, Nullvektor) leave an sketchy impression on me, because they do not deal with the common "patterns" of a god song. There's no beginning, no climax, no end, so they're easily boring me. It's like many music in that gerne more techno-orientated with just rhythm and nothing else. Personally I like the experimental session most and - surprisingly - the Parade Ground track.

As already said, this compilation gives a fine overview, drawing a multilayer picture of that scene, whereby not all is "big art".


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