Sator Absentia - Exis Time (CD, Dark Vinyl)

Fifth and last album of this French project, mixing Dark Ambient atmospheres with more complex rhythms. The man behind, Cédric Codognet, had a strong Swedish connection: He worked as collaborator on the Asmorod debut and was supported himself by Fredrik Bergström of No Festival Of Light. The next album, announced for a release on Cold Meat Industry, never came out (as Discogs knows).
The Ambient part is dreamy and mysterious, the rhythms aren't to straight, far from dominating and mostly slightly to slow for dance use. The mixtures is sometimes a bit strange, but in the end the parts fit together. To be honest, it's not elating me, but a fine background music. In this way Sator Absetia reminds me a of Click Click et all. Best I like "Anaconda" with a slight vocal insertion and a ritual atmosphere and "Archeo Humansim" with a violin and a nice trippy rhythm.


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