rXaXpXe (Rape) - Drowning Disdain (CD, Tosom)

I do not want to know, what's going on in the head of the man behind rXaXpXe. He by himself characterizes his music as "combining harsh electronical noise with gore elements, power electronics, explicit lyrics and visuals and just hatred". And yes, that is true. I'm sure it's not politically correct, but I like this release.
It avoids the main mistake of the noise genre, noise for noise's sake wihtout any direction and structure by introducing rhythm, structure, dynamics. That's still horrible for the lovers of "harmony", but it makes "Drowning Disdain" a pain to enjoy in - if you have this special preferences - whimping noises in your head, scratching, discharging sounds, distorted voices, samples. I won't draw any parallels, but I think, people who love Galakthorroe-sound should listen to this too.
A strange release on Tosom, but by all means a titbit for open minded noisicians and Industrial fans. Very raw but attracting and with a crazy atmosphere. And all the friends of BDSM will like the artwork. I'm sure with that.


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