Patty Moon - Lost In Your Head (Traumton Records)

It's true - at the moment I'm really into melancholic female pop and the German band Patty Moon is a great exponent of that genre. I heard them first, while listening to a radio broadcast about (whatever) a topic I was interested in. They played the music inbetween and I assigned myself to keep the name of the band.

Patty Moon is Judith Heusch and Tobias Schwab. The duo has by now released four albums, "Lost In Your Head" is their second one. In discogs the music is described as melancholic Trip Hop with piano but this doesn't fit to good, because the music is mostly made on real instruments. Electronics are only used to create special moods. The title song "Lost In Your Head" musically reminds me more of a female Calexico-version, other songs are tangos or just romantic piano music, all made with a variety of instruments and great technical skills, never clean, always a tick beside the track.
Judith Heuschs voice is very engrossed and fragile but experienced, not in the way of a young innocent girl. So you could see her as a kind of older sister to the Coco Rosies. As they do, Patty Moon, doesn't sind about flowers and bees, but about the ups and downs of life, using lyrical pictures.

Though I'm not always in the mood, to hear this kind o music, I think, this won't be the last record of Patty Moon in my collection. Keep an eye on them!


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