Opening Performance Orchestra - Jaromirs Flat I & II
(2CDR, O-P-O)
Opening Performance Orchestra - Fraction Music III
(CDR, O-P-O)

Opening Performance Orchestra is a Prague based project, playing mathematical noise for a long time. Have seen the trio several times at the Prague Industrial Festival, once they played live at club|debil.
The two albums (one double, one a single one) are nearly the same. Each CD contains a 60 minutes one piece track of pure white noise close to 0dB all the time. To see the changes, I have loaded one of the tracks into a sound manipulation program (Magix) and all you can see is a constant bar. Listening to OPO is like being inside a sandstorm. If you listen deeply or wear headphones you always realise some clear background sounds from a living room or natural environement.

This all reminds me to Boyd Rice's "Ragnarok Rune"- if you listen trough, you hear a more or less constand noise, but if you skip, you easily hear, that the sound changes all the time. So maybe it's fine for a noisy meditation, but all together it's not really interesting, because of it's lack of dynamics.

I barey can imagine a person, that listens trough all the three CDs in a line...


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