Nocturne - Verse Le Vide (CD, Mille Rekords / Final Muzik)

Sixth album of this French one-man-project, released in 2009. Bought it after a great live show in Prague, but the CD doesn't keep the promise of the live experience. Dark Ambient in a more "Norwegian style": classical, sometimes martial structures, but all very queasy, as if you hear the sound from far away or through walls.
The music itself is very "low", free of any ups and downs and so mostly boring me, choking, breathtaking in a negative way. This sound mostly makes me numb and only the short piano phrases and some Edith Piaf samples keep me alive. Even the interesting samples do not help me out.
I'm sure Nocturne can do more interesting stuff, but this CD is - in my sight - completely out of tune. No clear sound and no dynamics, that's to less.


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