Nocturnal Emissions & Mystified - Engine Room Glow (3''-CDR, Tosom)

Nocturnal Emissions aka Nigel Ayers is well-known in the electronic music scene. He's one of the artists you really should know if you like that kind of music. So I was happy to get this little CD, expecting something extraordinary. But expectations were a little to high. The one track of NE is nice but nothing special, a mid-tempo rhythm, some sophisticated atmospheres and funny sounds. The track itselfs lacks of highs and lows - it's to monotonic for me, not to say boring. The remix of Mytifieds Thomas Park can't even solve this problem, though adding some more components, but sounding more interesting then the original one.
There are two additional tracks by Mystified - a mystic ambient one, mainly using drones and one with a more club-orientated slow break core rhythm.
To sum it up: I expected a little more. It's not bad, but either surprising. It's OK.


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