MAAAA- Decay And Demoralization (CD, Mind Flare Media)

Varied debut album of that Polish harsh noise duo. In contradiction to many others MAAA add an atmospheric component to their distorted sound and often proceed changes and turns, they speed ahead and slow down again. So this album without any computer-generated sound is, despite of all limitations of that genre never boring, though still a hard work to consume. The Polish MAAA don't need to hide behind other noise acts.
The material featured on this album has been out of print for years. It was originally released in extremely limited, 40-50 print CD-R editions in Russia. The first four titles come from a split CD-R with Torturing Nurse, the other two tracks, one 20,the other 39 (!) minutes long from other split releases on CD-R and tape respectively. My favorite track especially for it's Satanic sample is the maximum length one called "Satan Edge".

Nice harsh noise release for lovers of that sound.



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