Holzkopf - Sharp Like A Broken Bone (CD-R in a unique handmade packaging, Attenuation Circuit)

I think, I'm doing nothing wrong, to call this a symbiosis of Drum'n'Base and Noise. Or as the records company does: Breakcore. "Sharp like a broken bone" is high energy rhythm trip for those who want to dance like demoniacs. After 10 of 27 minutes there is the first big break as well as a brake - Holzkopf is getting slower, the rhythm stumbles, the sound gets highly distorted. After 14 minutes the noise is nearly destructive, ut's getting more and more painfully to listen to. There's stille a broken rhythm jumping around from here to there. Thats's really brutal! At 21 minutes it's getting straight and nearly clear again and a dancable rhythm takes over, layerd by some distorted beats and swirls. Coming to an end the betas get more and more "flawed", ending up like a machine running out. Very intense and pulsating, spanning a great variety of styles.

The packaging of this release is a real piece of art, worth the word "artwork". One of this multi CD-cases had been painted and collaged, inside are a lot of well designed inlays. Marvellous and definitely collectors item.


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