V.A. - Compendivm (CD, Eternal Soul)

Label sampler of Berlin based company Eternal Soul. 14 songs from seven projects, mostly from Martial Industrial gernre.
The olny project with one song on this compilation is GALERIE SCHALLSCHUTZ, presenting a spooky ambient track - not bad, but nothing to keep in mind for to long.
KARJALAN SISSITs contribution ranges from neo classic over rhythm based martial with typical power electronics vocals to an ambient with some ritual rhythm structures. I like the neo classic piece most.
My favourite band on this compilation is TRIARII, despite of the polical views they may have - regarding to the lyric fragments I can catch. Triarii stands synonymous for Martial Industrial: Very powerful, with a trace of mystery, all sound striving forwards. Music for marching troups. In my view the both instrumental tracks lack of the most substantial ingredient: the violent, male voices.
AXON NEURON/VAGWA is a ritual project from Northern Germany. The tracks on tos compilation are in a more ambient and neo classic manner, very moody but without a markable tension. Even the samples or vocals don't contribute in that way. I already heard some more interestng tracks of the band.
PHELIOS presents a fine spacy ambient with a mystical attitude. Sometimes it reminds me a little bit of Svartsinn or Inade due to the use of a broad, spared ritual drum sound. Great music to dream by.
BRACHIAL PALSY brings us a plane Dark Ambient based on a humming drone changing by time to noisy. The second titel is a kind of ambient with a synthetic melody and some away-with-the-fairies (strange expression for German term "entrückt", but I found nothing better) lyrics. Very nice!
The compilation is closed by TRIORE, a collaboration of Triarii and Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, that sounds like ORE normally sounds: classical instruments (from the computer), easy guitar accords, bombastic drums and the charming voice of Tomas Pettersson. Beautiful as ever.

To add it up: "Compendivm" brings a fine overview of Eternal Souls catalogue. So it's a good entrance for all who did not know the bands before, but not essential for those who are already of one or more af this bands.


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