Emerge - Canvas - Live (3''-CDR, Attenation Circuit)

Nearly 18 minutes piece of musique concret. Live created while an exhibition, only using manipulated noises from typical painters tools and materials: brushes, palette-knifes, water-glases, canvas, cartoons etc. The sounds are processed that much, that you can't realise their sources, sometimes you may guess.
The work itself has mostly no melody nor rhythm - it's very abstract or if you want to put it that way: experimental. At the end some kind of structures occur. The atmosphere is emotionless cold and a bit frighteing. Listenig to long to this, makes me crazy...

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Emerge - Angle (3''-CDR, Attenation Circuit)

Another 17 minutes Emerge track, this time with "a bit more content". "Angle" isn't that reduced as "Canvas": bell drones, total silence, high frequency chirring, dark base drones, noisy interludes, strange twists and turns. Incredible that all of this is made from only one kind of source: breathing sounds! Emerge doesn't suit for dayly use, but "Angle" is a fine sonic expedition through the landscapes of abstract music. A very intellectual trip, indeed. Music for the mind, not for the body...

Both releases remind me a bit of the releases of Tosom Records, due to the used mini-DVD-cases. But the booklet artwort as well as the inlays are no fotos but printed images on special paper.

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