V.A. - Elektroanschlag 7 (CD, R-Reger)

Another festival sampler, this time collecting tracks from the projects playing live at Elektroanschlag 12 in Altenburg 2011. The festival focuses on the more technoid styles of Alternative electronica but always presents some acts from other genres.
Dive with a fast, noisy rhythm and shouting vocals represents one side of the "technoid" styles, but the sound isn't perfect because this is a live track. Straight danceable rhythms are the core of the tracks of Le Moderniste, Syntech, Sturmzlide, Nullgrad - combined with nice trance elements - and IC234. The last is my skip track #1 by reason of their terrible stomper techno, I happily missed at the festival.
A bit more "chilling" based on mid-tempo beats and mostly playful are the tracks of Ahnst Anders, Ex_Tension, Transistor feat. Flint Glass, NÄO and Tzolk'In. The last two are my favorites in that category due to their good production and fine ideas respectively a great ritualistic rhythm. Not to much pleasure gives me the Dark Electro of Republic Of Screens. Stuff you can hear in any boring Gothic disco.
Far away frombeing boring is Igorrr with his mixture of breakcore and classic. Very crazy and entertaining. Gjöll settle in my mind due to their great base line over some mid tempo beat - and their Icelandic lyrics.
My favorites are the more experimental projects like Cent Ans De Solitude - with a nice martial track, Feine Trinkers bei Pinkels Daheim - a sound sculpture ending with a high speed beat and the wonderful Ambient by Bad Sector.
Outstanding by it's style is Mezire, a Berlin Power electronics due. Unfortunately not their best song is presented here. The track is to undifferentiated without a structure or even a directional energy. What a pity.

Though I don't even like all of the songs, it's a fine festival sampler with a great variety of styles, so representing the face of Altenburg Elektroanschlag.


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