Défílés Des Âmes - Lust And Stones (CD, Ahnstern)

This is one of my last years favourites: Défílés Des Âmes from Greece. I got to know them via a Steinklang-Sampler, where they placed their great song "Mushrooms". This tune totally caught me and I had to buy the full album. Not to make a secret out of it: It was a good decision!
Défílés Des Âmes, by now unfortunately renamed to Skulls And Dawn, play a kind of neoclassical folky pop music, sometimes solemn, sometimes swinging, with a shot of melancholy and some mixed-in atmospheres. It's a real band with real instruments like acoustic guitar, cello, flute... they are capable to play - in opposite to many of so-called Neofolk "musicians". Sortet on a time line this is not medieval, "Lust and Stone" has a more romantic flavour and even some Arabic influences (as in "Welcome"). All togehter the album is monolithic, but diversified. The singer, Manos, has a fine voice, the songs are catchy, but always bear some surprice. That's how pop music should be. Not to forget the fine artwork. Fully recommand it to you, my dear readers!


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