Criminal Asylum - Zeit (CD, Rustblade)

Criminal Asylum is a band formed in 1999 by members Mirosa (voice, programming), T (visuals) and Max Bateman (programming, synth, samples). The first album "Choice" was released in 2000 and produced by Angelo Bergamini of Kirlian Camera. In 2001 they contributed a track to the Kirlian Camera remix album "Kalte Container", a year later another track to the compilation "Sliding Horse One" with artists such as Kirlian Camera, T.A.C., Blutengel, Hocico, P.A.L., Kiew and :wumpscut:. In recent years Criminal Asylum have collaborated and worked on movie soundtracks ("La Gabbia" by Giovanni Polesello) and with the To Horror Film Fest. "Zeit"is the second Criminal Asylum album, released on Rustblade. If you see in the references the band is domiciled in the Electro dance scene, the songs straightly hit the dance floor. Hard, clear rhythms and barely decorations. Though Criminal Asylum is not as boring as many other of this bands, but I'm not getting a fan of this. Pure, functional DJ stuff for Gothic discos wihtout any scares and scratches with mercyless beats hammering your head.

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