dark ambient

Corpoparassita - Cultura del postumo e dell´inanimato
(MC30, The Tourette Tapes)

Corpoparassita is an Italian Ambient project with a history continuing from 2002! Scrolling down the releases I found two, that I asset - The Final Muzik promo compilation "Program Volume 1" and the Tosom-sampler "Die kalte Zeit". On both samplers the tracks weren't that outstanding, that I marked them as my favorites. So this is the first "solo" release I hold in my hands and I can say, that I like it. It's still not outstanding but a very fine dark Drone Ambient, ideal for a melancholic chilling. No bg changes, nothing to distract from the inner journey.
Side two starts even more dark and symphonic - fans of Svartsin et. all will love this sound too. The second song proceeds in that manner, even supported by a rhythmic loop structure and some object sounds. Totally striking but much to short. Great tune!

Lim. to 30 pc.




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