All My Faith Lost - Decade (EP-CD, Final Muzik)

"Decade" is the forth release of the Italian duo All My Faith Lost. Two albums and two singles/EPs have been released since 2002, the band itself was already founded in 1999. So it's not a defamation to say Federico Salvador and Viola Roccagli are not the most productive musicians. But on the other hand: quantity is not a benchmark for quality…

Listening to this nearly 30 minutes long EP called "Decade" makes me believe, that the duo works very intensly at their songs. The instruments involved tell a lot about how All My Faith Lost sounds: flute, pianoforte, synth, acoustic and classic guitar. So if you want to label this, you have to use concepts like folk, classical music, etheral pop or heavely voices. Or you just call it beautiful, lyrical music. Surely, this is a sound, that's mostly appreciated by people who don't hunt for the next catchy pop sensation or the hardest, fastest, most brutal track ever. All My Faith Lost better fit a melancholical, gentle, fragile person, because there music is like this. And though I'm a Noise and Industrial addict, I can appriciate this. Why music like this is not part of the mainstream Gothic scene?


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