Dronæment +++ Aalfang mit Pferdekopf

Aalfang mit Pferdekopf / Dronæment - Hermit Haven (CD-R, Tosom)

An expert for bizarre soundscapes meets an expert for Drones - or to point it clearly: This is a collaboration of Mirko Uhlig (Aalfang mit Pferdekopf) and Marcus Obst (Dronæment) resulting in six strange titels, two of them excessing the 20 minutes mark. So you easily see it's not pop music or whatever-genre-disco-tunes. It's 100 percent music to listen to, full of exceptional sounds, sometimes a bit way-out. The drones mostly make the background while some drifted chords on a guitar or a violin set a strange melancholic mood and field noises like rolling metal sounds or frog croaking give this music a real life dimension.
On the front side of "Hermit Haven" there is a picture of the night sky and maybe that's the best description you can find: Imagine yourself laying at your back, watching the stars above. It's a warm summer night and you hear sounds from everywhere, all together forming a slightly distorted but nice symphony of human life. But your solitude feeling tells you - you're not part of it. And it's not a sad feeling…

One of the reasons for not falling depressive is the weird humor, especially A.m.P. is known for. Like at most of it's works the song titles are rather bizarre, as is the sample in "Ethnographische Kühe", when Mirko Uhlig (or someone he sampled) tells stories about a non-existing animal.

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