Wostok - "…nahe dem Tannhäuser Tor" (CD-R, no label)

In Eastern Germany everybody in the right age knows what "Wostok" means. It's the Russian word for "East", and the name of the first manned space mission. So we found our subject. The quote "nahe dem Tannhäuser Tor" (close the Tannhauser Gate) is taken from the German version of "Blade Runner", another quote from a scientific explaination. So "Wostok" explores the space on it's own musical way too. And there is so many unknown out there.
First of all you'll find no information about who's behind "Wostok", only an Email on the selfmade cardboard cover of this 30 pieces release. It's a little pity, because this sort of weird Electronica with a lot of rhythm could be interesting for a larger audience. The five songs sound like "one man with the typical software", programming his sound visions, mostly suitable for clubs too. Though it's more a head nodding than dancing speed, presented here. Surely there could be some more twists and turns but especially the title track is very intense.

To sum it up: Nice piece and a good start for a wider journey...


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